• Bernie's Glenside


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    Welcome to Bernie's Glenside, our flagship restaurant and bar that is nothing like you've experienced before in casual dining.

  • Comfortable Dining


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    From our comfortable dining room with a 15-foot center fireplace wall to our spectacular outdoor patio, you will come, but you might not want to leave... but seriously you will have to... 2am is last call!

  • Our Food

    Chef's Specialities

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    All of our food is freshly prepared and in addition to our acclaimed menu items, our chefs do daily specials that complement our fine wines and extensive craft beer selections.

Instgram: @BerniesHatboro
Lemon Sugar

Who is Bernie

Bernice Kretschman, a.k.a "Bernie" is the owner's grandmother. She was the mother of four boys, all of whom grew up and remained in and around the Glenside and Roslyn areas with their families. Her signature family event was Sunday Dinners. While many extended families get together on holidays or birthdays, she hosted Sunday Dinner every Sunday for 35 years at her house on Fairhill Avenue in Glenside. Attendance was required.

Sunday Dinner

The first Sunday Dinners were a small affair as the family was small. But it quickly grew to over 50 attendees with cousins, grandchildren and so on. Every Sunday she cooked dinner for the family and kept her family close together. Today, many of our cousins are as close to us as brothers and sisters as a result. Sunday Dinner was fun, funny (many boyfriends and girlfriends met their fate here as they were introduced to 50 Kretschman family members all at once) and even though Sunday evening is the end of the weekend, it was always something we looked forward to.


At Bernie's, we wanted to re-create that Sunday Dinner atmosphere...great food, family and friends enjoying laughs and good times together. We hope that you enjoy everything that went into Bernie's from the decor to the menu offerings to the beer and wines that we hand-selected for you.